Sunday 26th June: Night Walkative


“Nightwalkers experience urban life as a form of phantasmagoria, one that they are at the same time utterly immersed in and oddly detached from. The nightwalker thus dramatizes the dialectic of alienation and disalianation, oppression and emancipation, the prosaic and the poetic, at the core of metropolitan modernity.”

Matthew Beaumont, Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London Chaucer to Dickens (London: Verso, 2016) p.11

On Sunday 26th June a group of hardened walkavists from The Walkative Society convened at 3am outside the now disused Strand Tube Station. With no pre-determined route, we meandered eastward to Limehouse Basin, encountering both the surreal and the marvellous.


– Photos Natalja Vikulina


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