Walk 1 Peter St John


A Walk Led by an Architect who Loves London

Monday 27 October

11:00 – 13:00

Starting on the steps of Tate Britain facing the river, we will reflect on the effects of Globalisation on the appearance of London and ask what the city wants to become in the next 20 years. Depressed and disillusioned, we will nevertheless embark on a sustaining walk looking at some alternatives. A theme is an interest in history, eclecticism and Britain’s ambivalence towards modernism. I will give a very brief tour of our work at Tate Britain, and then walk north through Westminster, St James and Soho. We will visit housing and office buildings by Edwin Lutyens and Alison and Peter Smithson. And we will end at William Butterfields St Margaret’s church, a glorious gothic revival interior where the homeless are allowed to sleep in the pews. The walk will take about two hours, maybe less.


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