Walk 6 Phil Smith


Walking Backwards

Walkative follows the route of Phil’s recent Mythogeographic wander from MI6 to Dolphin Square but this time starting at the end and ending at the beginning.

‘The front exterior of Dolphin Square is enigmatic, epic but anonymous, its illuminated sign would not go amiss on a modest 1950s hotel in Torquay, yet inside you are overwhelmed by the scale of the place; like a city within a city, its inner garden wholly enclosed by cliff-like blocks creating the unbroken square, the layering of the upper stories echoed, in a later less elegant form, in the Gotham City of the MI6 building. The redness of Lynchian roses. The excessively thick white painting on all the paving corners for walking drunk in the darkness.’

See more of the walk here and here.


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